2023 Annual Awards Night

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Thanks to everyone who came to our Awards Night

Your winners for 2023 are:

U11 Champions - Archie Turner and Charlotte West

Junior Cross Country Champions - Amy Goodhand and Jake Stevens

Senior Cross Country Champions - Alex Millard and Oliver Weston

Track Athlete of the Year - Jay Sanders and Charlotte Henrich

Field Athlete of the Year - Isabella Wilson and Doug Noel

Multi-Event Athlete of the Year - Oliver Downs and Laila Humphreys

Sprinter of the Year - Martha Adkins and Jay Sanders

Most Improved Athlete of the Year - Story Bundy

Newcomer Athlete of the Year - Lela Dombai-Walters

Veteran Athlete of the Year - David Chambers and Tania Meredith

Team of the Year - U17M National Cross Country Relay Team - Adam Whitlock, Jake Stevens, Noah Paterson

Volunteer of the Year - Mike Botha

Female Athlete of 2023 - Charlotte Henrich

Male Athlete of 2023 - Matthew Stonier


Awards were presented by Chair, Ralph Noel