U11 Minithon Lee Valley


Nine young athletes made their way to Lee Valley indoor athletics centre to represent Invicta East Kent last Saturday 30th October
Story Bundy.....Martha Adkins....Annabel Todd....Matilda Todd ......Eva Hiney ...Mattea Stanley...Esme Skinner...Sonny Henderson   and Flynn Warren had some outstanding results ..leading the way was Story who won the boys high jump with Martha finishing fourth in the girls on the track Mattea had a fabulous 600m in a really well paced and fought out race 3rd place meanwhile Matilda ,Esme,  
Annabelle and Sonny did really well in their first competitive 60m...Esme and Annabelle going on to do great in their 600m.....Eva ran a steady paced 600m..finishing really strongly and taking lots of experience into the next... fifth place overall..likewise Flynn held a really good pace in the same event 5th overall 
Flynn,MattyEva Sonny went flat out in the 200m whilst Martha blitzed her way to finish first in her heat of the same event,,
U11s coach  Ralph Noel said "What a great start to many of these athletes track careers the strength of the u13s is amazing and is only out done by their enthusiasm..its is a real experience running on an indoor 200m track and they will all remember this day for years to come" 
Coaches Ralph and Doug