Michael Conways Success


Michael’s Winning Ways



2021 was a great year for Invicta East Kent’s Michael Conway as he finished the year 1st fastest over 80 athlete at 5 miles and 10km, winning the majority of the races he took part in in that year. Once road races resumed earlier in the year, following halt in competitions over the last 15 months, Michael participated in 14 races at distances between 5km to 10 miles and came first in his age group at every distance.


Mike runs every day between 8 and 12km and hasn’t missed a day of training over the last year. He runs in competitions throughout the south of England and also in national championships. In London on 21st November he won the British Master’s 10 k Championships and hopes to be selected to run for England next year in international competitions. Mike has competed in many parts of the world wherever his work for the British Council took him, Africa, Middle East, Malaysia, Seychelles and Europe. In his younger days Mike ran ultra-marathons, notably The Comrades in South Africa and the London to Brighton in the UK, both a distance of over 50 miles and completed these runs in under six and a half hours. As an additional 'hobby', in the past, Mike was a keen mountain climber and whilst in Africa scaled both Mts Kenya and Kilimanjaro. He has also tackled high altitudes in the Himalayas and the USA.


Mike holds several records for over 50 to 70 age group events for races in the UK and after a serious illness, polymyalgia rheumatica three years ago, and a heart attack, he is back to near full fitness and hopes to continue running over the next few years. We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings for Mike!