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Five IEK stalwarts at Ashford Givaudan 10k 2009

James Rouse (36 mins 56) was 9th Senior Man to finish at Ashford with his venerable dad Martyn was 1st v-60 when crossing the line 39th in 38:40.

3rd IEK male finisher was Michael Conway (2nd v-60) in 43:15 while Vicky Talbot Rosner was 2nd v-45 female on the day in 42:14 Tim Kerr completed the course in 46:54 as 72nd vet-40 and Lydia Gallyer Barnett's dad, Michael (who is assisting the coaching of our u-11s) was a solid 66th vet-40 in 45mins 59

For detailed results click underlined text...Ashford Givaudan 10k - 2009