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Without doubt, the road running side of the club has had a very successful year. Iíve had the pleasure of watching our squad grow both in skill and numbers throughout the season, the men coming so close to winning the title. Itís also been good to witness the gradual turn around of our womenís squad : at the start of the year, I was very harsh about the lack of numbers but the girls have turned things around and Iím rubbing my hands for 2010, when both men and women, have a serious chance of clinching the title. Itís not being over optimistic to imagine a double celebration for 2010 : itís a totally realistic target for IEK`s road runners, itís down to you guys and girls, to support the club and get out in numbers next season. Come on you REDS!!! The final placement for IEK males and females in their age groups. Senior Men 8.Tom Purnell 511pts 10.Mark Wilkins 481 49.Michael Gore 217 59.Damien Vadgama 193 81.James Coker 163 92.Tim Kerr 152 105.Nick Little 133 149.Chris Holmes 94 182.James Rouse 84 Total runners scoring 505! M40: 7. Tim Sutton 56pts 79.Peter Bowell 8 Total runners scoring 111! M50: 3. John Wilkins 36pts 12.Adam Cowper-Smith 15 20.Peter Russell 10 Total runners scoring 50! M60: 1. Trevor Edgley 60pts 3. Michael Conway 47 4. Martyn Rouse 30 27. Eddie Broad 5 35. Tony Piersall 2 Total runners scoring 38! Senior Women: 45.Stacey McKelvie 82pts 53.Brianna Zoll 80 Total runners scoring 233! W45 2. Vicky Talbot-Rosner 54pts 5. Sue Cooper 33 8. Janice Moorekite 21 Total runners scoring 40! MENS TEAM - 38 clubs entered: 2.Invicta East Kent AC 3897pts WOMENS TEAM - 32 clubs entered: 4.Invicta East Kent AC 767pts Michael Gore (IEK Road Race co-ordinator) [doc:549]