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Club entries for the Canterbury 10 mile road race 31 Jan 2010

Many of you will now be planning training schedules building up to spring marathons including London - a perfect event in that build up programme is the 'Canterbury 10' on 31st January.

This is our premier event of the year and we'd love to see red vests of IEK Runners flooding the field, especially at the front, dominating team prizes given success in the Kent Road Running Grand Prix.

However, the race takes a lot of volunteers to make it happen! If you're an IEK member entering the race on 31 January - please supply us with a named volunteer to help on race day, there's a multitude of jobs (some even inside away from the cold and rain!) please mobilise your family and friends to help make your club's event, and your race, successful.

Volunteers for the Canterbury 10 mile road race 31 Jan 2010

This is the first rallying call for club members to mobilise and get behind the 'Canterbury 10' on Sunday 31 January 2010. We need close to 100 volunteers to make this event a success : many different types of job and skills are needed - whoever reads this, already has the skills that can help on race day.

  • if you're an early morning person, please help before the race
  • If you're a late starter please come along and help clear up afterwards

Most of all - please help!!


There's a list at the Clubhouse of jobs that need filling : name & contact details to Roger Newson Race Director or to Gilien on club nights -


thanks in anticipation

Roger Newson

(Canterbury 10 - Race director)