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Race Report: Kent Cross Country League-Fixture Three, Danson Park (Senior Men)

Greetings once again people! First things first, allow me to give you all a quick warning before I proceed. I am currently in the process of adjusting my body-clock for night shifts at Royal Mail, and with me writing this report at close to 1 in the morning, I apologise in advance if what I write here turns out to be a load of incoherent gibberish!


Moving on from my own deficiencies, well done once more to all those who competed at the weekend. Suffice to say, there are plenty of other things people can be doing on a Saturday afternoon instead of running over muddy parkland in the freezing cold, and seeing so many people there from all over the club, not just the seniors, is very pleasing.


Overall, however, as a team we perhaps feel that we may have done a little bit better this time around. Tim Corby was once again in and around the leading pack for a large chunk of the race (or so it seemed to me, but I was too far back before long to have a great view of him), but he finished 8 places below his 16th place at Somerhill, down in 24th.


On a very positive note, we welcomed Donald Carter to the team for the first time this season, with him now recovered from a long standing knee injury. Donald has been training fairly regularly with me and Tim in James Roberts’ group in recent times and has not looked short of fitness. So it proved with his performance on Saturday, with a finish just five places below Tim in 29th. Meanwhile, Robert Whittaker continues to impress. Having finished fractionally outside the top 50 in 52nd place at Somerhill, he broke convincingly into it this time around, coming in at 43rd to continue an increasingly impressive season! To cap things nicely, Michael Gallyer-Barnett continued his steady improvement, which has been evident over a couple of seasons, not just the current one, with a finish of 127th, 6 places upward from last time out and continuing an impressive trend.


Alas, much like Tim, the same could not be said for myself, and from a personal point of view it was a frustrating afternoon out there where I never really got going, and as a result dropping 7 places to end up at 67th.


Overall then, perhaps Saturday can be described as generally positive, but there is certainly room for improvement, but hey, I guess I’d be saying that however well we’d all done. Keep up the good work guys, and train hard through the winter, and we’ll all get our just rewards I’m sure.


We do not compete in the final fixture of this league until 9th February, but the schedule is certainly busy in the meantime, which is why I will remind everyone one last time to get their names down on those Kent, Southern and National Championship forms, particularly the first two on that list. The deadlines are coming up fast, and I intend to come down to the clubhouse before training on Thursday to take those two lists down and submit them over the weekend. If your name is not on that list, you won’t be running at the Championships, so either put your name down yourselves, or let me know if you want to run in them and I’ll submit your names. Ideally, also have your names down for the Nationals by Christmas everyone, as the deadline for that is on New Year’s Day. With the Club closed between 21st Dec and 2nd Jan - so be aware of that one as well. Anyway, rant over!


Once again, well done guys, and see you all around the club and at the Kent Champs on January 5th!


Nick Little

Senior Men’s Cross Country Captain