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Kent League Info and Championship Reminders!


Hi everyone, hope you're all doing alright and training's going nicely. As you're all aware, Kent League again this weekend, this time at Danson Park. Just so that all the Senior Men are aware, with the absence of the Women for this event,  our race has been moved forward by half an hour to 2:00, as opposed to 2:30, so make sure to turn up in good time. U20 men’s and everyone else’s events are at the same times as usual. I will post a map at the bottom of this message so that everyone has a rough idea where they're going, whether by road or rail (nearest rail station is Bexleyheath).

Also, for those of you who train regularly at the track, you will probably have noticed that I have recently pinned up entry lists for the Kent Champs, South of England and Nationals. Deadlines for the first two in particular are fast approaching, and I will be down at the clubhouse to take the lists down and get entries in within the next couple of weeks at most. Anyone who hasn't entered past the deadline will not be competing at these events, so please remember to do so guys, the more of you the better!

Hope to see as many of you on Saturday as possible!

Nick Little


Senior Cross Country Manager


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