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Race Report: Kent Cross Country League-Fixture One, Swanley Park (Senior Men)

Well guys, that’s the first cross country of the season over. I hope everyone took it easy on Saturday evening -  everyone worked their socks off and deserved to let their hair down.


Cross Country is a discipline that takes absolutely no prisoners, and keeps everybody honest. Regrettably, Luke Dawson suffered a dead leg, while well placed around the top twenty and had to pull out as a result. Here’s hoping you recover soon Luke, and you can join us at Somerhill Park in Tonbridge in three weeks time. Taking into account that Luke is an U-20, making the step up to the senior race voluntarily, it was a very impressive performance up to that point.


The same can be said of Tim Corby, who was having his own tussle with Luke for much of the time they were both in the race. Tim eventually finished 18th, 44 places higher than he was in the same fixture this time last year. So well done Tim, great performance, keep up the good work.


The other competitors in the senior race were Robert Whittaker (53rd), Nick Little (me, 62nd) and Michael Gallyer-Barnett (158th), out of 199 competitors. While I confess that I would undoubtedly have liked a bigger turnout, and I will be looking forward to some of our runners coming back into the fold in the coming fixtures, many of whom add a substantial amount of quality to our team. Those who did run gave it absolutely everything, with special praise going to Michael, who has only very recently recovered from a knee injury. A 10K Cross Country Race is punishing enough when body is in perfect condition. When only half fit, it becomes twice as difficult, and to finish in such circumstances merits a great deal of credit.


Unfortunately, I have nothing to report on the U-20 race, as we had no entries for the event on Saturday. I hope, like many at the club, that this will be amended for Somerhill, and actively encourage anyone who’s interested to let me know - whether U-20, Seniors or Vets. Well done to everyone who was there, and here’s hoping to see you all in three weeks, and to build on this start.


Link to results - http://www.kcaa.org.uk/kent%20league%20results.htm


Nick Little


Senior Men’s Cross Country Captain