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6 Invicta men made it to the 5th match of the season at Julie Rose on 2/7determined to maintain our push for Div 1. Their commitment was reflected  in their willingness to cover events outside their usual  specialism.  So it was that Terry Hawkins took on the PV for only the 3rd time in his life. And such is his natural talent and motivation that he won the 35+ category -2-0!! He also came 3rd in the “B” 400m-70.9, was 2nd in the TJ-9-17 and guested in the HT-21-18. Another of our busy athletes was Mark Dawson who came 5th in the “A” 400m-66.6 and 3rd in the HT-13-71. Completing our 35+ team were Martin Kelk-3rd in the “A” 3K-10-19.7- and Steve Burt in the same position in the “B” string-10-35.2.


In the 50+ events Rob Whittaker stepped –up for the 400m at short notice and came 3rd -64.1. He then moved on to a more familiar distance-3K-where he again came 3rd -11.0.0. Rob then made what many might consider to be the ultimate sacrifice and made his lifetime debut as a hammer thrower-2nd-10-51!! This is an excellent start Rob. Well done. By the way Rob-did I tell you that a former international 800m runner-Peter Barber  (now vet 75)- converted  to the hammer in his 50`s and became British champion and record holder in various age groups!! Just for information of course Rob-no pressure...no expectations. And completing the results-John Gilbert won the 60+ Ham-26-35 and placed 4th in the 50+ TJ-6-65.


We are now in 2nd place in our Division and if this can be sustained during the final match at Erith on Mon 16/7 we will gain promotion. PLEASE- all of you vet men-be there if you can.


PS-Again, none of our  women athletes at Julie Rose. I now question  whether it is worth our entering a womens` team in the league next year? I believe that everyone who belongs to an athletics club and wants competition should have it available to them, BUT..it costs money to enter leagues and if the take-up is not there it would seem better to spend the money on other club activities. What do our vet women think? Do let me know.


PPS-following- up on Terry Hawkins achievements in the PV-he tells me that there are several club members interested  in learning to vault and a qualified coach who may be available-so....with coaching and training Terry who knows what more you could achieve (but we do tend to say that generally about all the events you do-don`t we!!).  Perhaps people interested in PV training should talk to members of the management committee to pursue this.


Yours in Sport-

John Gilbert-Team Manager.