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English National XC 2012   -   Parliament Hill    -    Saturday 25 February


  ... 26 IEK tackle famous course - 16 Males and 10 Females

  ..... IEK fields 4 teams in 7 of the 10 races - first ever IEK u20 Women's team is 4th

  ....... Left  -  Bobby (u-15) wins national title and leads Red Sparrows to 10th team in England

  ......... Alex takes u-17 silver and beats UK No.1 Jessica Judd in 2nd consecutive major race

  ........... Jason in top 10  -  Emily HT and Rebecca in top 20

  ............. Anna, James (JP), Kieran and Emily McKane in top 50

Senior Men

2012 - Parliament HIll   (  6 men )  team  74 of 125 Clubs          - leading IEK Mark Wilkins              193

2011 - Alton Towers      (  3 Men )  no team, only 3 individuals - leading IEK Mark Wilkins              166

2010 - in Leeds               ( 10 Men )  team  32 of 107                   - leading IEK James Cotton             150

2009 - Parliament Hill   (  6 Men )  team 104 of 112                   - leading IEK John Wilkins (vet 50)  628


Tim Kerr (1579) took time out from all that marathon running to scoot round a mud-free Parlaiment HIll in 63:16




Michael Gallyer Barnett 1331 in 56min 08secs in first National - first time at Parliament Hill - pictured at haflway stride-for-stride with a man called Robin - 7secs ahead at the end thanks to MGB's storming sprint finish


Andrew Ward gets better each year - here he was 1252 in 55:07, over 3 mins faster than at  Alton Towers (2011) when he was 1064.....

In Leeds (2010) Andrew was 1235 in 61:17


Tim Corby (361) in 43:44 the first time in top 400.

In Leeds 2010 Tim was 442 in 48:10 and missed Alton Towers last year 

2012KentXCChampsSenMenChrisHolmes33.jpgChris Holmes 199 in 41:30, 6 seconds and 6 places behind team-mate Mark Wilkins

In Leeds (2010) Chris was 164 (2nd IEK) and missed Alton Towers last year

NationalXC2012SenMen1MarkWilkins.JPGMark Wilkins (193) in 41:24 leading IEK on the day - One of 3 IEK at Alton Towers last year, Mark was 166 in 41:14

In Leeds 2010 Mark was 240 and 3rd IEK the day

u-20 Women - First ever IEK team in this age group are 4th club

U-20 Men 

92nd of the 107 finishers Beth Burnett (right) has completed the English National in every season since joining the club in 2006


Rebecca Weston (1095) and Emily Hosker Thornhill (1094) on their way to 20th and 17th respectively, both taking notable scalps on the way 



NationalXC2012u20Men3AliNoel.jpgAlistair Noel looked composed throughout to finish 141st of 196 in his 2nd National XC - in Leeds (2010) Ali was 243rd and was 3rd of seven u17 IEK out on the day

NationalXC2012u20Men2KieranReilly.jpgKieran Reilly (37) making a sound transition of move up from u-17s : here he was within half a minute of Robbie Farnham Rose, Kent's long-time leading junior from Tonbridge

At Leeds (2010) Kieran was our leading u-17 in 122nd and over 3 minutes behind Robbie

NationalXC2012u20Men1JasonPrickett.jpgDespite a recent absence due to a heavy cold, Jason Prickett made the top 10 for the first time -

In Leeds 2010, Jason was 75th as a first-year u-20, over 4 minutes behind the winner - this time he was 7th and only 40 seconds adrift... getting better all the time...!!

                                               u-17 Women                                                                                            u-17 Men


Alex Clay (right) on her way to silver and the 2nd time in 2 races she overhauled UK No.1 Jessica Judd, Chelmsford AC in the last half mile and miss gold by just 1 second

At Leeds (2010) Alex was 77th



Emily McKane (above) made top 50 in first outing at this level without walking the course

NationalXC2012u17Men3AdamMcKenna.JPGAdam McKenna (308) in his first National and first race at Parliament Hill
NationalXC2012u17Men2JackSmith.jpg In 2010 Jack Smith was 331st at Leeds as an u-15   this time he was 301st
NationalXC2012u17Men1JakeRogers.jpgJake Rogers in his 3nd  National - in Leeds (2010) Jake was 12th u-15 and at Alton Towers in 2011 he was 74th as first year u-17

u-15 Girls

NationalXC2012u15Fem5LydiaGallyerBarnett.jpgLydia Gallyer Barnett (231) completing a trio of cross-country championships in 2012 - Kent, Southerns an now, the Nationals.


Lilly Coward (187) in her 3rd National in a row - she was 96th (2010) and 222nd at Alton Towers in 2011

NationalXC2012u15Fem3AmyOld.jpgAmy Old (130) marks call up for both InterCounties and also English Schools with fine run despite not being 100%

In 2010, Amy was 159th in Leeds then 172nd at Alton Towers last year

NationalXC2012u15Fem2AnnaWeston.jpgAnna Weston's highest in 2 previous Nationals was 36 at Alton Towers 2011 and 102 at Leeds in 2010

Her big target this time was Georgia Tuckfield (Orion Harriers) who was 17th at Leeds in 2010.... and, in this race, Anna was 21st while her target rival was 45th

NationalXC2012u15Fem1BobbyClay.jpgLeeds 2010 Bobby Clay was 6th -  at Alton Towers (2011)  5th, just 1 second ahead of Annabel Mason of Wakefield - the two girls were given the same time at London Mini marathon.

They now renewed battle, this time for gold & silver - Bobby's natural racing instinct saw her establish a narrow early lead - Mason tried everything in the last half mile but Bobby was too strong, taking  the National title by 3 seconds

Bobby Clay joins Henny Freeman &  Ollie Freeman (brother & sister)  who as IEK juniors won an English National Cross-country title


Both Henny and Ollie did so as u17s - Henny at Stowe and Ollie at Parliament Hill

u-15 Boys  -  none of our 4 have raced a National before. or set foot on Parliament Hill.... team was 18 of 34 clubs

NationalXC2012u15Boys4MaxShepley.jpgMax Shepley passed a late fitness test - just - two days before this race and he managed to hold off his cough until the final couple of hills but finished and ensured the team scored 4 runners
NationalXC2012u15Boys3BenHall.jpgBen Hall marked his improvement since joining IEK a year ago finishing 241 of 366 finishers

NationalXC2012u15Boys2BarneyHoward.jpgBarney Howard is an ace rugby player - his strength and stamina has seen him gain selection for UK Inter-counties in two weeks' time, at Cofton Park, Birmingham

Here Barney made the top 100 and he was 2nd IEK on the day

NationalXC2012u15Boys1JamesPitcher.jpgJames Pitcher ("JP") first gave a glimpse of ability when 11th in Kent Schools track 1,500m - now JP is a regular in the top half dozen of Kent.

In his first National (on themost demanding course of all) JP was 34th and 2nd Kent man home - the only one in front was race winner Charlie Duggan of Tonbridge