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Kent XC Championships 2012  -   Wilmington     Saturday 7 January

47 IEK compete in Kent Championships which we also designated as our internal Club Championships 2012

   Senior Men's biggest turnout in 15 years

      Alex, Emily, KIeran each win their first Kent XC title

         4 team medals - 2 gold (both female)  and  1 silver, 1 bronze (both male)

            IEK individual gold-silver medallists in both u-20 races and also in u-15 Girls

               Bobby Clay makes it 3 titles in 3 years - up an age group, Anna Weston repeats last year's silver

      10 IEK Club Champions crowned..... 9 runners-up + 8 take bronze in Club Championships


  •  One photo here of each IEK runner - link at foot of this report to 15 mins slideshow with ALL photos

2012KentXCChampsu13FemMaddyYoung5a.jpg2012KentXCChampsu13FemLilyWhitehead7a.jpg2012KentXCChampsu13FemLauraParrish3a.jpgunder-13 Girls


Team is 6th  -  3-to-score

Left is Maddy Young (28th) in her first race after the bug which had sidelined her over Christmas


Lily Whitehead (centre) was 41st and made sure we had a scoring team

In the Kent League, Laura Parrish (right) was 20-22nd - here she flew round in 15th to lead our girls home and win the u-13 IEK Club Championship


               Internal IEK Club Championship 2012 (based on positions at Wilmington)

             Gold - Laura Parrish     Silver - Maddy Young     Bronze - Lily Whitehead

2012KentXCChampsu13MJoshRichards13.jpgunder-13 Boys


Running against boys one year older Josh Richards kept focus all the way round to finish 11th


Internal IEK Club Championship 2012 (based on positions at Wilmington)

Gold - Josh Richards u-13 Club Champion 




                                        under-15 Boys Team bronze   4-to-score

Team bronze thanks to 4th scorer Ashley Paine (201) finishing, despite losing both shoes - Max Shepley (203) is 1st year in this age group and finished 15th after regular 20-24 in the Kent League - James Pitcher (half hidden) & Barney Howard (200) using different tactics, both made strong claims to a place in Kent team of 8 - James (4th) opened a 100m gap on Barney when he went with the leaders from the start - after most of the race in 12-13th, Barney (6th) closed the gap to 50m in the later stages


IEK Club Championship 2012 (based on positions at Wilmington)

Gold - James Pitcher        Silver - Barney Howard        Bronze - Max Shepley


2012KentXCChampsu15FemLydiaGallyerBarnett36.jpg2012KentXCChampsu15FemLillyCoward35.jpg2012KentXCChampsu15FemEllenWhitehead33.jpg 2012KentXCChampsu15FemAmyOld31a.jpg2012KentXCChampsu15FemAnnaWeston16a.jpg2012KentXCChampsu15FemBobbyClay1.jpg

Under-15 Girls

Team Gold    3-to-score

Blackheath & IEK each had 6 In the first 18 - first time in top 20 Lydia Gallyer Barnett (far left) - Bobby Clay (149) Anna Weston (155) Ellen Whitehead (156) and Lilly Coward (150) all finished in exactly the same position as in their respective races last year - 1, 2, 10 and 15 

The only Red Sparrow to break the pattern - improving from 9th to 8th - is Amy Old (154).....

      .....there's always one...!!

               IEK Club Championship 2012

                 Gold - Bobby Clay       Silver - Anna Weston       Bronze - Amy Old





Under 17 Men

Team is 4th  -  4-to-score


Luke Dawson (290) stormed to 4th, the only non-Tonbridge runner in the first 6

Jake Rogers (292) was 26th when out-gunning Tonbridge's 8th finisher while Nolan Stuart (294) and Adam McKenna (far left) raced stride-for-stride until Nolan (32nd) got away in the  final km with Adam completing the scoring in 35th

IEK Club Championship 2012

  Gold - Luke Dawson     

  Silver - Jake Rogers  

  Bronze - Nolan Stuart

2012KentXCChampsu17FemAlexClay12.jpg 2012KentXCChampsu17FemEmilyMcane8.jpg

    under17 Women

Alex Clay (256) confirmed her rise through the ranks this year, winning emphatically by 51 seconds - Emily McKane (258) was 9th, only 15 seconds behind a former Kent XC champion

IEK Club Championship 2012

   Gold -Alex Clay      Silver - Emily McKane  




2012KentXCChampsu20FemEmilyHoskerThornhill27a.jpg       under 20 Women

   Team Gold  -  3-to-score

Beth Burnett (top left) was 3rd scorer in 9th and the only IEK female to have completed the Kent XC in every age group since joining IEK as an u-13


Contesting only her 5th XC race in 2 seasons, Rebecca Weston (top right) matched Emily Hosker Thornhill (336) stride-for-stride until Emily, making a decisive move with 1km to go, won her first ever Kent title, with Rebecca an emphatic silver

IEK Club Championship 2012

  Gold - Emily Hosker Thornhill

  Silver - Rebecca Weston

  Bronze - Beth Burnett


2012KentXCChampsu20MSamHudson23.jpgUnder-20 Men

Team Silver  -  3-to-score

Sam Hudson (792) was part of the best challenge by any club so far to the Tonbridge squad who are unbeaten in Kent in the last 4 seasons in a row 

15th at Wilmington, Sam is one the few IEK athletes to have raced Kent XC Championships in every age group from u-13 up to u-20

Alex Newson (right) was 3rd IEK scorer who, after giving the field a 200m start, was closely watched by an anxious Tonbridge team as he charged up to 10th to help IEK secure team silver, narrowly missing team gold by just one point.



Recently running in Belgium in his first England vest, Jason Prickett (794) found determined opposition at Wilmington from his own team as Kieran Reilly (half hidden) played a waiting game until the 3rd & final lap to open a decisive gap to take IEK's 4th individual gold of the day


English Cross-country rules mean Jason & Emily Hosker Thornhill are u-20 all winter ie. Kent (Wilmington) Southerns (Brighton) and English Nationals (Parliament Hill)

However, the UK Inter-Counties (late March in Birmingham) are run under International rules which means both Jason and Emily are selectable for Kent but only as Seniors

IEK Club Championship 2012

              Gold - Kieran Reilly

              Silver - Jason Prickett

              Bronze - Alex Newson 


2012KentXCChampsSenFemJaniceMoorekite7.jpg 2012KentXCChampsSenFemLucyClarke6.jpg2012KentXCChampsSenFemVickyTalbotRosner1a.jpg



 Senior Women

Team is 6th - 3-to-score

vet-50 Janice Moorekite (709) is 77th (2nd left) Lucy Clarke (vet-40) is 67th after a late start - Vicky Talbot Rosner vet-45 in marigold gloves  is 38th - 2nd from right, Kyla Clay (vet-35) breaks into Kent top 20 - vet-45 Sharon Hawkins (708) is 9th and IEK Club Champion

IEK Club Championship 2012

        Gold - Sharon Hawkins

        Silver - Kyla Clay

        Bronze - Vicky Talbot Rosner


Senior Men are 6th in Main Competiton  -  6-to-score

also, with 15 runners, IEK Senior Men are 5th in secondary event scored by our first 12 finishers

IEK Senior Men's Club Championship 2012       

Gold - Mark Wilkins     Silver - Chris Holmes     Bronze - Donald Carter


Mark Wilkins (2 mins faster than 2011) is up 5 places and into top 20 to win IEK's Senior Club title


Chris Holmes (3 mins faster than 2011) is up 6 places and is 2nd in IEK Club Championship 2012 


Donald Carter - 3½ mins faster than 2011 and up 11 places for 3rd in IEK ClubChampionship 


Tim Corby, almost 4 mins faster than in 2011, is up 14 places and breaks into Kent's top 50 Seniors


5th IEK finisher Martin Kelk (73rd) is first IEK vet finisher in our Senior Men's team


Rob Whittaker (vet-50) breaks into Kent's top 100 Senior Men


Trevor Edgely (vet-60) is less than 1 minute adrift of top 100


Tim Sutton (v-40) completes his 26th consecutive Kent Senior race


Adrian Dawson (vet-40) only 3 seconds behind Tim Sutton


57 secs faster than 2011, Peter Bowell (vet-40) is 20 places down


Michael Gallyer Barnett scores for our Senior Men's 12-to-score team in his debut Kent XC

2012KentXCChampsSenMenGavinKnight59.jpg Gavin Knight (vet-40) is 25 secs adrift of team-mate MGB . . . . . 12th scorer for Men's team 


Despite a long lay-off, Tom Sutton is 30 seconds faster than 2011 yet 15 places down


Tim Kerr (vet-50) takes time off from all those marathons to do a 12k speed session . . . . 


Richard Hudson is our "Man for all seasons"


Kent XC Championships 2012 (Wilmington)  - Full results


Kent XC Championships 2012 (Wilmington)  - Slideshow


Pre-Race Information

  • name + IEK membership number to relevant Team Manager by Friday 9 December

  • Deadline for club entries to reach Kent AA is Monday 12 December


  • These races double as IEK internal Club championships 2012

..... introduced in 1994, Club Champion is based on racing each other - it is in ADDITION to, not INSTEAD of, the annual award of XC Runner-of-the-Year

..... the annual award for XC Runner-of-the-Year is based on a vote depending on performances across whole season


Senior Men                   contact Mark Wilkins          01634 388 300      or.....  click here to email Mark Wilkins

Senior Women            contact James Roberts     01304 211 667      or.....  click here to email James Roberts

All other age groups   contact Jennifer Weston    01227 455 072     or.....   click here to email Jennifer Weston