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Ashford Road Relay

This race proved to be a very exciting set of affairs for the Senior A team men. Luke Dawson steamed off and to the front of the pack and was well ahead of second place. The team captain felt confident that the title defence was well in hand. Disaster happened…..cue the dramatic music...first place was not Luke (WHAT) many confused faces?


It turned out that a marshal was misplaced at the turnaround cone and Luke had gone so fast he did not see it and took a nice tour of the housing estate out of the park. Even so he managed to claw back some places before the changeover to Sam Hudson.

Sam remained calm and knuckled down to take on his stint of the workload in the race. In an interesting twist Sam and Tom Purnell posted identical times - was this a secret team strategy?


The hero of the day was Andy Cope who posted the fastest time in the team, pushing himself to his absolute limit - so fast that his sprint mimicked Tom’s legendary finishes and he looked as though he would run into Tom before the changeover.


The final leg was undertaken by the team captain, Tom Purnell, who managed to keep the place that Andy had gained and came into the finishing hill and into the straight with team comments saying “He was like the Duracell bunny”.


Senior Women’s A Team managed to finish in 3rd place overall with some fantastic racing ladies. Kyla Clay showing husband Karl where the running pedigree comes from in the family in their own battle of the Clays! Beth Burnett and Ellie Gray who are regulars of the races set brilliant times and showing the other clubs how it’s done.


V40 A Men’s performed well and were a respectable 2nd place with the team of Rob Whittaker, Richard Hudson, Adrian Dawson and Martin Kelk holding well in the overall rankings - keep it up guys.


V45 A Women pulled out on the stops to finish in 3rd place with the team made of Vicky Talbot-Rosner taking lead duty taking on the first leg. Sally Mullervy, team captain, making use of her the coaching tips from her husband, Peter. Finally, a special well done to Sue Rogers in her debut at the race showing that she had what it takes to race like a pro.


Finally a special mention to the mixed teams and B teams who make the event so enjoyable. A special thumbs up to Barry Hopkins who managed to post the fastest time in the B team. Not content with being out done by Andy and Tom’s sprint finish he decided to push hard and collect a couple of extra places in sprinting into the finish. The GB battle of Michael (dad) and Lydia (daughter) who were in the same team concluded with Dad posting a faster time by 9secs. “We say watch out Michael, Lydia is behind you!”


A special shout out to Douglas Noel the youngest on the team who is well on his way to joining the A team in the future. Ashley Paine has been training hard at the track and also showed his speed entering the finishing straight. New to the club Sarah Hotham who is enjoying the challenge of the races finished with a smile on her face. Lea Burnett continues to make great improvement at every race keep it up. Gavin Knight continues to post times that show the youngsters on the teams that skill never leaves you.


The chip shop score gets 7.8 out of 10 in the Invicta scoring scale with amazingly large burgers and plenty of parking.


Well done everyone let’s keep this up. Results are now on the website.