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Jake Rogers 2nd fastest ever u-15 - Jason yet again sub-2 mins

[img:446r]Pictured right are the front ranks of 180 athletes being marshalled to the start for 17 races at 800m at the July Graded Open at Watford on Weds 1 July. [click picture to magnify its view] This SINGLE event attracted over twice the total number that normally turn out at league matches which have up to 15 events - could it be that, at league matches, over half of these 180 would not be there at all because they would have to do other events not of their choosing....? The first 10 races were for those aiming to finish in over 2 minutes [img:447r] and, in Race 10, Jake Rogers [4th from right] limbered up for his English Schools' call-up in 2m 05.70 - 2nd fastest ever by an u-15 IEK male. [img:448l]The remaining 7 races were for those who declared a sub-2 minute performance - in race 15, Jason Prickett (216) posted 1m 58.46 for his 3rd consecutive sub-2 in 14 days. These performances are already included in our 2009 ranking lists - see below Full Watford results : find Weds 1 July after clicking...[doc:443]