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Cross Country 2018 - volunteers needed

 Dear All,


We hope you have had a successful track season, as we now look forward to the Cross Country season.


Myself and Helena are pleased to be your Team Managers again this year. But we are asking for some volunteers to come forward to assist with the finish of each race.


We would like to have a pool of people to take a turn at completing the form at the end by collecting the tokens from each athlete as they finish and filling this position in on the envelope before handing into HQ. It’s very straightforward.


We would not expect you to do your own son/daughter’s race but hopefully one either side of this. We only ask you do one race per meeting (but happy if you wish to do more) as we would hope we have enough people to volunteer. If you are in the U17 and above age group we ask that you as an athlete can spare time either side of your race to help.


Please email invictaek@gmail.com and confirm which races you will be available for.


If you wish to be entered for Kent Cross Country League and/or South of England, English Nationals Please email Nikki inivctaek@gmail.com to submit your request for entry.


Many thanks

Nikki & Helena

Cross Country Team Managers 2018