Under 11s

The minimum age to join the club or to participate in club activity is 7 on the day

Newcomers under the age of 11 divide broadly into two categories

  1. Group 1: General athletics for children not yet sure which activity they enjoy  - minimum age 7 yrs old 
  2. Group 2: Children already inclined to longer running and prefer to explore that first - minimum age 9 yrs old 

A parent or a responsible adult must remain at the club for each under-11 during the whole training session. This is for the welfare of your child and the other children.

Group 1 - General athletics is for the new or undecided.

In this group, children can have a go at all sorts of exercises and competitions running, throwing and jumping until age 11, when they can go forward on to specialise a bit more in their chosen activities with the older groups.


Group 2 

  • Distance runners can train alongside teenagers and adults but do a scaled down version of the distance running done by older runners in the group. 
  • These sessions can be quite intensive so are not not suitable for all. Do not feel in a hurry to push a child towards this group they have plenty of time and we do not want to discourage them, they must enjoy the sessions.


Group 1 General Athletic "run-jump-throw" sessions for u-11s

These sessions are all on Tuesdays & Thursdays generally 1 hour from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at the Canterbury Academy track :

  • in summer this group trains ourdoors, predominantly on the all-weather track
  • in winter, this group trains indoors in the school sportshall

In both cases this includes warm-up, training and warm-down and boys & girls train together in ability groups.  Children's attendance is variable, depending on other commitments.


Group 2 distance running sessions for u11s

  • These sessions are always outdoors at the track
  • Minimum age for this group is age 9
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm to approximately 7:30pm


Intensity of Coaching

Whichever group your child joins, in principle, the club favours group coaching for the young.

One-on-one training/coaching is discouraged until late teens when the athlete is in a better position to make independent, informed choices. Until then, the emphasis is fun among a group of youngsters of their own age, interest and ability.


Trying us out  -  how to join

The club offers three free taster sessions then you are required to join via the MEMBERSHIP tab on the website.

There is no need to book ahead for a taster session just turn up at the designated time and sign in with the appropriate coach.

What you need to bring

For each child bring

  • a spare T-shirt and socks (for the journey home on rainy days)
  • a bottle of water,
  • trainers + sweat shirt + jogging bottoms,
  • a light coloured top, for easy visibility

Do not spend lots of money on special trainers or spikes until your child really likes the sport and you have spoken to the coach.

Club vests and T-shirts are now on sale between 6-7pm at the Club or from The Running Outlet, 54 Palace Street, Canterbury CT1 2DY.

Club vests must be worn when entering competitions.

Summer Competitions

  • From April,to September Open Meetings are available at the club monthly. Advance notice will be given.
  • Just turn up in the Clubroom at the track and - for a small entry fee - you may have a go at up to 3 events of your choice.
  • All these meetings encourage children to try running, jumps and throws.


Winter Competitions

  • Indoor -  Sportshall 
  • Outdoor -  Cross Country 

Coaches will advise you of the dates for  these in advance and can usually be found on the website under Fixtures Tab or on notices in the Clubhouse.


Guidelines for parents of Under 11s

  • Parents & carers must register their child 'in' with the coach at the beginning of the session and register their child 'out' with the coach at the end of the session.
  • Children must stay with the coach at the end of the session before being collected by a parent or carer.
  • Parents are reminded that at least one parent or responsible adult must stay with the child (u11s) during the training session. If a parent has to go off-site during a session they must inform the coach and leave a mobile number or point of contact with the coach. By doing so they also agree to any necessary action that may have to be taken by the club in the case of a medical emergency or incident in their absence. 
  • It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to inform the Club of any changes in contact or medical details.



Our u11s group continues to grow larger and larger. To help the coaches make the session enjoyable and safe to all and to keep the session running on time we ask that parents & carers remind children of the following:


  • They must not talk at the same time as the coach is talking
  • They must not to throw anything until told so by the coach.
  • If they are distracting others and the group they may be asked to sit out for that particular part of the session
  • When on the field they are not allowed to cross the track back to the clubhouse without the coach's permission or unless they are accompanied by the coach
  • They should go to the toilet before starting the session
  • No big meals should be eaten before the session. Only snacks should be eaten ideally leaving a gap of an hour before training.
  • Only proper trainers should be worn
  • Water must be brought to all sessions. Training is thirsty work.

Helping Out

Our coaches are volunteers who would also appreciate any offers of help from parents to assist in a session, especially if the group is particularly large. Please offer your services.