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Choosing your Coach













IEK Coaches are all unpaid volunteers


Members train for the event of their choice and with the Coach of their choice, provided he/she has space(s)

Members may switch to another Coach

  • Protocol for athletes is to speak to both coaches before switching - the norm is for the outgoing coach to know of the switch before it happens
  • Moves to change coach should be athlete-driven


Training with more than one coach

  • There has to be only one "lead" coach who manages the athlete's overall needs.
  • It should be clear to athletes, parents and coaches who the lead coach is
  • The lead coach decides if there is a need to liaise with specialist coaches to organise specific activity or additional training
  • Undisclosed additional training (devised by parents, teachers, other coaches or athletes themselves) is the biggest factor in injury and "burn out" due to fatigue. So please consult your coach


Younger Members

The club favours group coaching for the young with emphasis on fun among a group of youngsters of their own age, interest and ability. 

In principle, we're uncomfortable with the intensity of 1-on-1 coaching for the young (under the age of 15) and definitely not for under-11s. Safety and fun is what its all about.


We look forward to coaching you.